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Shipadmin Suite of Software

The Suite consists of the following modules, which can be supplied as a suite or as individual modules:

  • Captains Secretary
  • Fleet Manager
  • Gangway Security
  • DP Log
  • Safety Induction Video

Designed by Captain's and experienced seamen, "Captains Secretary" is designed to reduce the time involved with ship administration by more than 50%, it's straight forward and clear navigation can be learned in less than 4 hours and records are always available using the Search function.

The "Captains Secretary" maintains the following records and more:
- Certificate Lists
- US Crew Lists
- IMO Crew Lists
- Cabin List
- US Crew Effects declaration
- Next of Kin List
- Muster Lists
- History of periods on board
- and more...........

Reports are available for Meals, Accommodation, Sub-Contractors on Board, and others that can be customised for you or you can generate specific reports for yourself. Lets us provide you more details, contact us at Sales: email:, Mobile: +65 9002 9182.


Using the on board communications system the "Captains Secretary" can be connected to the management systems at HQ and as the voyage progresses Management at HQ can track the commercial performance and other aspects of the Ship Operation to provide timely assistance and analysis on operation and efficiency. If this online tracking would help you manage your vessel's, contact us now for more details; Email:, Mobile: +65 9002 9182.

Gangway Security

The Gangway Security steel post with wings is designed to create a barrier to control access and ensure that all are registered at embarkation or without wings for muster stations at designated points on the vessel.

  • Designed for rough environmental conditions
  • Moveable stainless steel post designed for mounting at the gangway
  • Integrated 2 way intercom which can be integrated with the vessels PABX
  • Integrated video surveillance with recorder
  • Infrared beam detecting unauthorized access to the vessel and will set the alarm off
  • Tailor made software with respect to the ISPS requirements
  • See who is onboard at any time
  • Use the gangway control system as a headcounter when a muster situation occurs. See in real time on the bridge who is mustering
  • Print electronic ID cards with the ease of a click

contact us now for more details; Email:, Mobile: +65 9002 9182.

DP Log

The Dynamic Positioning(DP) Log from Shipadmin is designed to improve the recording of activties during the operations where Dynamic Positioning is in use.

Dynamic positioning (DP)is a computer controlled system to automatically maintain a vessel's position and heading by using its own propellers and thrusters Position reference sensors, combined with wind sensors, motion sensors and gyro compasses, provide information to the computer pertaining to the vessel's position and the magnitude and direction of environmental forces affecting its position. Examples of vessel types that employ DP include, but are not limited to, ships and semi-submersible Mobile Offshore Drilling Units (MODU) and Oceanographic Research Vessels.

According to IMCA rules, all DP Log activities have to be logged. The means that if divers are being sent down/up/moving around etc - this activity has to be logged. The DP System will keep the vessel stable but the DP Operator has to log all activities that DP System to is required to perform. The logging is normally done by the DP Operator on board the vessel. So the Operator is responsible for this critical role and also is responsible to keep the log (so that in the event of an incident the log can be used as a reference for analysis.)

Shipadmin DP Log gives the DP Operator a full overview of the downlines in use (red in use, green when not in use) - almost eliminating probability of human error.

The advantages of DP Log from Shipadmin;

  • Shipadmins DP Log enables the DP operator to log events as they are taking place.
  • Extremely user friendly and a thorough overview.
  • Shipadmin DP Log is enabled for use with a Tablet PC
  • The DP operator can log events by simple clicking on pre-defined activities and symbols for these.
  • Reports can be generated by clicking a button at any time. Reports are downloadable as pdf or other required format (word or excel).
  • A log for any given project, day, month or timeperiod can be generated per your definition.

contact us now for more details; Email:, Mobile: +65 9002 9182.

Safety Induction Video

The Safety Induction Video is a process that allows a new crew member or contractor to logon onto the company's Fleet Manager and run through the familiarisation course including the vessels Safety Induction Video and pre-register. On arrival at the vessel the Captians Secretary will already have the new crew member or contractors details and so supplying door security cards, cabin keys etc.... will be undertaken in a far more expeditious manner.

contact us now for more details; Email:, Mobile: +65 9002 9182.

If you have a need for Information, Proposals, Installation Services, Training for the Shipadmin Suite of Software - please do not hesitate to Contact Us

Shipadmin - NEWS

Date: 14 January 2011
Shipadmin Software was installed on 50% of new builts in Norway in 2010
Volda Norway- Shipadmin have delivered Software to 50% of all Norwegion offshore rebuilds in 2010.....Read More

Date: 20 December 2011
Digital Ship publishes an article on Shipadmin software upgrades
Shipadmin Software have improved reporting on oil consumption, fuel, NOX, thruster use, incident reporting, etc...Read More

Sjovold Holdings Profile

Sjovold is a diverse engineering and environmental group providing a range of;
- Services,
- Products and
- Solutions
to the Shipping Industry and other sectors in the Asia region.

In the shipping industry sector we have been providing on board engineering repairs and maintenance since 2001. These have been provided from our base in Singapore including design, procurement, construction and compliance to appropriate standards.

In Singapore, Sojvold is the agent for :

range of transducers, pressure transmitters, level sensors, temperature measurement and dataloggers.

is the reseller, implementor and trainer for the range of software applications including:
- Captains Secretary
- Fleet Manager
- Gangway Security
- DP Log

Team Maritime Singapore
is a specialised engineering group providing installations, upgrades, training, ship coversions and support Autronica & Kongsberg equipment in Asia.

Epsilon Group
is a Naval Architect and Construction Management Group undertaking Design Engineering, Procurement, Constrution (EPC) Commissioning, Refits, Conversions, Commissining and Project Management.

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